This project is an exercise in narrative and storytelling, telling the story of a recent Carnegie Mellon University School of Design graduate and communicating growth, progression, and that alumni's individual style and personality. The final deliverable for this project came in the form of a small zine, as well as a responsive website that shared a cohesive visual language. The webpage was prototyped using Adobe XD, and coded with HTML/CSS.
Images and responses used courtesy of Tim Napoli.
An in-depth, stream-of-consciousness look at process can be found on Medium.
Alumni for this project were sent out surveys that delved into both their experiences at Carnegie Mellon as well as their professional lives. Additional questions and interviews were held to understand more about our individual, depending on intentions regarding the narrative. Once information was collected, data was grouped and condensed in an effort to see overarching patterns and connections among them, as a way to place our alumni in the grand scheme of things.

Each color represents a different alumni, and sorted based on a variety of metrics such as where they work, past college experiences and future aspirations.

Due to time constraints, extensive exploration wasn't realistic, so it was necessary to truly nail down the voice and personality of our alumni as well as the general flow and pacing of the narrative.
Tim Napoli is a particularly young designer, having only graduated in 2014, and so he's still learning who he is as a designer and what path he wants to take. With this is mind, I wanted to achieve a balance between chaos and order, uncertainty and clarity, while also maintaining a playful spirit throughout to mirror Tim's enthusiastic approach to design.

A visual timeline served as a helpful tool to constantly reference and remind myself precisely what I was hoping to communicate.

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